Language Policy

The Language Policy provides an overview of language learning at Oman Private School (OPS) and is used to ensure that the practices of the school are in line with the standards of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs OPS are a candidate school for. Furthermore, it outlines the school’s linguistic programs and goals.

OPS provides a multilingual environment in which the primary language of instruction is English, but multilingualism and the development of critical literacy are considered important factors in fostering international mindedness through the promotion of cultural identity, intercultural awareness, and global citizenship.

The school strongly believes that all subjects and all teachers contribute to the development of our students’ language skills, with the full understanding that the responsibility to nurture learning extends to parents and even the community. Therefore, OPS endeavours to ensure that all teachers, whether teaching a language subject or not, work to develop inquiring and enthusiastic readers, writers, speakers, and listeners. We advocate the learning of language through inquiry, allowing students to make connections with context, to explore and investigate.