School policies

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide valued based learning and make education what it truly should be: a lifestyle. Our school helps students develop their character as well as grow scholastically and spiritually so that our students may contribute to the betterment of their society.

We strive to provide Quality education, so that our students as leaders can accomplish remarkable goals in life, and grow closer to their innate roots.

Vision Statement

In the world where Education is a process in which one acquires Knowledge to merely survive in this life’s race to Success, Our Vision is to teach the difference between Education and Knowledge.

Through such Knowledge Our students can apply the facts and figures learnt through Value based Methodical Education and utilize the Knowledge obtained in the most efficient manner for the benefit of society.


Our values include mercy, forgiveness, sincerity, compassion, integrity, discipline, respect for self and others, empathy, pride in work and tolerance are as much a part of our curriculum as math and science.


  • Commitment to provide quality education, leveraging the best practices of both traditional and contemporary schools of education.
  • Measure performance by our students’ excellence in academics, moral values and extra-curricular activities, in addition to developing an enduring interest in sports along with the pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Our driving force is on delivering a Value based education, not just to prepare a ‘socio – economic elite’ but rather to educate ”Leaders in service”

“Knowledge is that which benefits, not that which is memorized.”


Our core objective is to help students connect with their Islamic values while gaining an incredibly high level of worldly education.
Modern education has been criticized as the practice of “memorizing facts for tests”. And it’s true. Throughout the world, this is what education has become. But that’s why our objectives are so critical. We’re seeking to restore education to what it should be: a source of life skills, character development, knowledge, wisdom and leadership in excellence, .


The school’s curriculum will be based on Canada’s renowned program (from the province of Alberta) which we infused with Islamic heritage to not only educate – but inspires.

Language arts, science, math, Arabic, Islamic studies, arts, information technology and physical education are all part of our curriculum, as is character development. We will also offer an eclectic array of extracurricular activities, including martial arts, ASL and French.


Given that our teachers will be mainly those who will implement the curriculum and inspire our students to succeed, they will be certified with high professional standards. In addition, our teachers will pursue extra forms of professional development to ensure that they are constantly learning, growing, and maintaining the high level of education we provide.