Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

What does it take for the first private school in Oman to remain successful? “Oman Private School was established in 1977. Since then, our school has grown and evolved over the years,” says Canadian principal, Mr.Ejaaz Abdulaziz.
Oman Private School aims to provide the very best education while staying true to Islamic values. When asked about the future of Oman Private School, Mr. Ejaaz informed us that OPS will be offering the PYP and MYP International Baccalaureate programs in the upcoming 2018/2019 school year. “We are very excited about offering the IB program. It is an inquiry-based curriculum that is recognized worldwide. It changes the way that students learn and allows them to think critically while building their character and transforming them into global citizens. Above all, the IB program allows for the integration of local culture as well as Islamic teachings and values.”

This academic year the school has relocated from Madinat Sultan Qaboos Street to Al Safa Street in Bousher. “Relocating our building was the first step towards reaching our goal of OPS Vision 2022. Not only does this new building provide us with the necessary space for our growing enrollment, but it has all of the facilities that we need to offer our students more opportunities for inquiry based learning. Unlike most schools in Muscat, OPS is surrounded by beautiful green spaces and gardens. In addition to our state of the art science and IT facilities, all of our classrooms are fully equipped with Touch Screen Interactive Boards to promote inclusive and personalized learning,” says Mr. Ejaaz.

So what is OPS Vision 2022? “In Shah Allah by 2022, Oman Private School will be an IB-World School, we will have our first graduating class in which our students will be receiving scholarships from the best universities in Oman and abroad, and the construction of our brand new state of the art building will be complete.”

Mr. Ejaaz attributes the great success of Oman Private School to its teachers. “We have outstanding Arabic and English native speakers who are dedicated to the development and growth of our students. We strive to instill qualities of respect, independence, and leadership. At OPS, learning is not just about answering questions; it’s about questioning answers.”

Mr.Ejaaz Abdulaziz