Who We Are

As Our Islamic Heritage States…

We should respect knowledge, and open our spirits to curiosity.

من سلك طريقاً يلتمس فيه علماً سهل الله له به طريقاً إلى الجنة

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever follows a path to seek knowledge, Allah will make the path to Jannah (Paradise) easy for them.” [Sahih Muslim 2699; Sunan Tirmidhi 2945]

Our school is a community. Parents, teachers, and students come together to share and grow with each other. We believe parents should be involved in the educational process. We also believe that teachers and students should communicate closely so that individual students’ needs can be met.

Education can inspire, transform and change the world. Our goal is to motivate, guide and be instruments for our students to lead the change. Through the gifts of Islam, we’re advancing and contributing knowledge to the world.

“Knowledge is that which benefits, not that which is memorized.”

Our Objectives

Our core objective is to help students connect with their Islamic values while gaining an incredibly high level of worldly education. Modern education has been criticized as the practice of “memorizing facts for tests”. And it’s true. Throughout the world, this is what education has become. But that’s why our objectives are so critical. We’re seeking to restore education to what it should be: a source of life skills, character development, knowledge, wisdom, and leadership in excellence.

Our Faculty

Our teachers are the heart of our school. They are a strong team of educators who work collaboratively to provide the best educational experience for our students. The majority of our English medium teachers are from Canada,The United States of America and South Africa.

In addition, all of our teachers pursue professional development to ensure that they are constantly learning, growing, and maintaining the high level of education that we provide.Our teachers are passionate, caring, talented, and know how to challenge their students to extract their potential. Teaching is their life’s work, and they’re honored to help your child learn and grow.