Our World-Renowned Curriculum

To create our school’s curriculum…

… we researched programs from around the world to find the absolute best for our students. Our search led us to Alberta, Canada’s renowned program, which we infused with Islamic heritage to create something that not only educates – but inspires.

Islamic studies, arts, sports, science, math, and language arts are all part of our curriculum, as is character development. We also offer extensive programs in Arabic, technology, physical education, and have an eclectic array of extracurricular activities.

Our curriculum is based on the Canadian Ministry of Education, but tailored to instill rich Islamic values and traditions. Whatever our students need to fulfill their unique potentials, we provide.

Here’s a bit more of what we offer.

Islamic & Arabic Studies

Staying true to our roots, our students have the opportunity to go deeper into their faith and enhance their understanding of Arabic language and culture. This ensures that their hearts grow as their minds do, and that our people’s rich history lives on through another generation.

Extracurricular Activities

Our enriching extra-curricular activities provide students with an incredible opportunity to broaden their learning, form bonds with other students, and have fun along the way. Complex concepts are taught in a hands-on manner that helps students learn the real-life application behind their education.

Pre-School & Kindergarten

The first experiences pre-schoolers have with education can determine how they view school for the rest of their lives. That’s why we provide pre-schoolers with a warm and welcoming environment that eases them into school and the educational system.

Academics come together with playful activities, imagination exercises, as well as activities which foster curiosity, concentration, patience, and cooperation with others.

Our pre-schoolers & kindergarteners also engage in team-building activities which teach respect and consideration of others. They’re cared for by passionate staff members who are dedicated to giving them the best experience possible.

Smart Teaching & Learning Tools

We use advanced technology such as Smart Board® to make learning more interactive and engaging, increasing motivation and involvement, and helping kids become familiar with tools and technologies which are used throughout the professional world today.

Exchange Program

We are also a proud member of various educational associations. This enables our staff and students to access powerful educational resources such as virtual libraries, and enjoy the latest software technology.